Using Litho – LITHO

User Instructions

Wearing your Litho

There are two ways to wear your LITHO - Point grip and Clutch grip. You can choose whichever feels most comfortable. Make sure that whichever way you decide to wear Litho, the USB port is facing towards the palm of your hand


In the Point grip Litho is worn on the index and middle fingers.

This grip is best-suited to interacting with objects on the ground*


In the Clutch grip Litho is worn halfway down the index and middle fingers.

The Clutch grip provides precise control when interacting with the touchpad.

Calibrating your Litho

The way you wear your LITHO changes how you calibrate it. It is crucial to hold your phone at head height whilst calibrating your device. This allows our software to understand your body position and to provide better tracking.


Hold your phone at eye level, then point your hand forward and press calibrate.


Hold your phone at eye level, then point your Litho straight at your screen and press calibrate.

Charging Litho

Make sure your Litho is charged before you use it. You can charge Litho using a micro-USB cable, which plugs into the port on the lower rear face of the device.

Litho takes around 90 minutes to reach full charge, although it can still be used for shorter periods after shorter periods of charge. In some Litho apps, the battery level of the Litho you're using will be displayed on the phone screen.


Depth Control

The Showcase scene in the SDK provides different default interactions for moving objects towards and away from you -depending on your chosen grip.