A Controller for the real world.

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Development tools for the world beyond your screen.

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A capacitive touchpad on the underside of the device provides you with accurate (x,y) coordinates.

Device Connection UI

The Unity SDK comes with a UI system that lets you easily connect a Litho device to your phone, and takes you through the Litho onboarding process.

Haptic Feedback

Litho has a Linear Resonant Actuator which provides feedback when the trackpad is touched. Full haptic customisation in SDK coming soon.

Object Manipulation

The SDK provides an interaction framework of off-the-shelf solutions for interactions such as object creation, scaling, rotation, selection and movement.

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Playing with Litho's very very cool device I love this gadget !

Honestly it drastically improves your experience by enhancing control of your augmented reality objects...

Dilmer Valecillos

Right now we are working on amazing experiments with an awesome product from #litho. 

Oleg Yusupov

I had a chance to test it on AR Jenga and it worked very precisely on each axis.

I don’t how they did it, but I was impressed with accuracy...

Bartek Rozbicki

I suspected the Litho input device for smartphone based AR might be a bit gimmicky until I tried it ... 

where I realized it's (a) very intuitive and (b) 'unbreaks' the illusion...

James Corbett


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