The input device for the real world
LITHO Controller

LITHO IS the input device for the real world.

Interact with the world beyond your screen

LITHO’s tracking technology unlocks the potential of real world interactions allowing developers to create more dynamic, intuitive and precise mobile augmented reality applications than previously possible.


LITHO itself is a small finger-worn controller that connects to your smartphone or headset.

The controller has a touch surface on the underside, an array of motion sensors and provides haptic feedback.

Litho 05.jpg
LITHO Controller on hand

Simply by pointing, control your smart devices.

With your phone still in your pocket, you can directly control your lights, thermostat or smart speaker. No touchscreens, no remotes, no control panels.

Our goal is to create a new relationship with technology – one where technology isn’t a barrier to the real world, but a tool to enhance and engage with it.