A Controller for the real world.

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Development tools for the world beyond your screen.

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Diorama - a tool for making movies in the World around you.

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I had a chance to test it on AR Jenga and it worked very precisely on each axis.

I don’t how they did it, but I was impressed with accuracy...

Bartek Rozbicki

I suspected the Litho input device for smartphone based AR might be a bit gimmicky until I tried it ... 

where I realized it's (a) very intuitive and (b) 'unbreaks' the illusion...

James Corbett

Playing with Litho's very very cool device I love this gadget !

Honestly it drastically improves your experience by enhancing control of your augmented reality objects...

Dilmer Valecillos

Right now we are working on amazing experiments with an awesome product from #litho. 

Oleg Yusupov


A capacitive touchpad on the underside of the device provides you with accurate (x,y) coordinates.

Device Connection UI

The Unity SDK comes with a UI system that lets you easily connect a Litho device to your phone, and takes you through the Litho onboarding process.

Haptic Feedback

Litho has a Linear Resonant Actuator which provides feedback when the trackpad is touched. Full haptic customisation in SDK coming soon.

Object Manipulation

The SDK provides an interaction framework of off-the-shelf solutions for interactions such as object creation, scaling, rotation, selection and movement.

About Us

Litho was founded by Nat Martin in 2017 with the goal of creating technologies that are not a barrier to the real world, but instead are tools to enhance and engage with it.

Our first step towards this goal has been making Litho - an intuitive wearable Bluetooth controller that puts augmented reality at everybody’s fingertips. Litho comes with a Unity SDK which gives developers a complete toolkit for creating interactive augmented reality experiences, across many different platforms.

So far, we have shipped thousands of Litho Developer Kits and partnered with some visionary people. Our Community of Litho users have given us more great ideas than we could have ever imagined. Together, we’re deciding what the future of spatial computing will look like.


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