Software – LITHO
The Litho SDK includes a flexible interaction framework which makes it quick and easy for developers to build delightful and intuitive augmented reality (AR) experiences in Unity.
By fusing data from the phone’s camera and Litho’s motion sensors to provide context-aware pointing information, the SDK allows developers to make apps that not only identify the direction the wearer is pointing in, but also what they’re pointing at in the real world.
The Litho SDK currently supports developing in Unity for iOS and Android, on MacOS and Windows.
The Litho SDK contains everything needed to let developers quickly create AR experiences using Unity and the Litho controller.

An accurate laser pointer to select and manipulate objects in AR as well as to convey virtual forces such as weight, drag and pull.

Move and rotate objects in space with precision using the two different grips LITHO currently supports: Point and Clutch.

A custom-designed capacitive touchpad capable of sub-millimeter precision. It can sense in 2 dimensions providing you with accurate x & y coordinates, whether it is a tap or a swipe.

The Unity SDK comes with a clean UI system for you to use and modify in your projects: easily connect a Litho device to a phone and be led through the LITHO onboarding experience.

A few nifty tools to hold objects in place and keep objects organised, including virtual fixtures to help guide your AR experience through duplicating, removing and positioning objects.

Develop for Litho without connecting a device: test your design in the Unity Editor using your mouse and keyboard with our new LITHO emulator.

Supported Hardware and Platforms
Litho supports most major operating systems today and we are looking to expand and support all future AR platforms. Bluetooth connections on all platform requires the use of our included Unity plugin.

The Litho SDK uses Apple ARKit 2.0 and is supports iOS devices running version 12.2 or above.

Litho is currently tested on and supports Unity 2019.1.14f.

Litho supports MacOS with Xcode version 10.2 and above.

The Litho SDK supports Android devices that run ARCore and Android version 7 or above.

Litho support for Windows is currently in alpha-quality, as a back-up you can use our Litho Emulator to build and deploy apps with Windows today.