Litho Controller and SDK

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Our small wearable controller for augmented reality, bundled with our software development kit (SDK).

Our SDK supports developing in Unity for iOS and Android, on MacOS and Windows.

What’s included:
    – LITHO controller with micro-USB charging cable
SDK download; single license
Lifetime software and firmware upgrades

All units are dispatched within 3 working days.



The Litho SDK includes a flexible interaction framework which makes it quick and easy for developers to build delightful and intuitive augmented reality (AR) experiences in Unity.

The Litho SDK currently supports developing in Unity for iOS and Android, on MacOS and Windows.


Laser Pointer

Object Manipulation Interactions

UI System

Spatial Menu

Litho Emulator

HID Mouse Support*

*(coming end of November 2019)


LITHO has an array of motion-tracking sensors and a touch surface on the underside.

Weight: 24g.

Dimensions: height, 29mm. length, 48mm. width, 18mm.

Battery: 8+ hrs use. 2000 hrs standby.

Charge time: 90mins.

Bluetooth: LE radio, compatible with Bluetooth 5.0.

Haptics: linear resonance actuator (LRA).

Processor: 64 MHz Arm Cortex-M4 with floating-point unit (FPU).

Motion-tracking sensors: sampled at 60hz.

LEDs: charging status.


What you get?

What is Litho?

Litho is a wearable controller for interacting with digital things in the real world. The controller is complemented by our SDK which includes our unique tracking software and our interaction toolkit.

The controller itself is worn between your first and second finger. It has a capacitive trackpad on the underside, an array of motion sensors, and provides haptic feedback. Litho’s design means that you can wear it whilst doing everyday activities (e.g typing, driving, drilling).

To learn more about why we think Litho is important for the future of spatial computing read here.

What is included in the Litho Unity SDK?

The LITHO SDK provides an interaction framework from off-the-shelf solutions to core interactions and includes templates for tools such as object creation, scaling, rotation, selection and movement. These features make it easy for developers to build delightful and intuitive experiences, quickly. The SDK also provides a Litho Emulator which allows you to mimic the Litho input - using your mouse and keyboard.

The SDK also tracks the absolute position of the controller in space through interpreting data from the phone’s camera and the motion sensors in the controller.

Does the SDK come with the Litho controller?

Yes, each Litho controller comes with a single license for the SDK. You can read more in our EULA which can be found here.  

I'm not a developer, can I still use Litho?

Right now Litho is aimed at developers who are using Unity. If you lack experience with Unity, our SDK contains many examples that make it easy to get started creating with relatively limited coding experience.

Towards the end of 2019, we hope to have a small collection of demo applications that are available to consumers on the app store.

What platforms does Litho support?

Can I use a Windows PC to develop with Litho?

Yes. It is possible to develop and build your projects on Windows using the emulator in the Unity editor. However, direct Bluetooth connect is not yet supported on Windows.

Can I create apps for Android with Litho?

Yes. Litho works with Google’s AR Core and is supported on Android 7 or above, have a look here for a more detailed list with devices.

Can I create apps for iOS with Litho?

Yes! Litho works with Apple's ARKit and is supported on iOS devices running at version 12.2 or higher.

Can I use MacOS to develop with Litho?

Yes! You can directly connect your Litho to the Unity editor on MacOS. To build your app to an iOS device you will need XCode 10.2 or above.

Does Litho support any AR headsets?

Currently the standard Litho SDK does not provide support for AR headsets. If this is something you require please email

What colours does Litho come in?

Litho comes in Silver or Slate Grey.

Will Litho fit me?

Probably! Litho is designed to fit comfortably on the vast majority of hands. If you are not satisfied with the way Litho fits we offer a free no-questions-asked return service within 28 days of delivery.

About the Company

What’s Litho’s long term aim?

In the short term we are trying to improve the quality and depth of experiences available in mobile AR. While our long term goal is to promote a shift in our relationship with technology – one where technology becomes less of a barrier to the real world, but a tool to enhance and engage with it.

Tell me a bit more about the company.

LITHO was founded by high-school friends Nat Martin and Charlie Bruce in 2018. That year the company raised a seed round from investors including Greycroft (a leading US-based venture capital firm) , Paul Heydon (an early investor in Supercell and Unity), Chris Albinson, and Nick Alexander. The company is based in Aldgate East in London and is currently hiring. If you’re interested in building the future of digital interaction send an email to Follow the Litho team on Twitter Lewis Jones , Nat Martin, Maya Hope Chaldecott, Felix Ros, Charlie Bruce.


How long will my Litho take to arrive?

You should expect your Litho to arrive between 1-5 days from the time of despatch depending on your shipping zone. UK, Europe and the US (West Coast). We aim to dispatch all units within 3 working days.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes, We use DHL Express. You can find out more here about the 220 countries we deliver to.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We use Shopify payments and Amazon Payments to process card transactions. This allows you to pay securely with Amex, Mastercard, Visa or Apple Pay.

What is your returns policy?

If for any reason you want to return your Litho we have a no-questions-asked 28 day return policy. Litho also comes with a one-year limited warranty.


Where can you purchase Litho ?

Litho can only be purchased directly from

Using & Developing for Litho

How does Litho connect to my phone?

Litho connects to your phone using Bluetooth Low Energy.

How do I charge Litho?

Litho charges over micro-usb. (We’re sorry but a USB-C connector just wouldn’t fit!)

Do you provide app development support?

All Litho owners are invited to the Litho developer hub which contains a forum where our Team will strive to answer any development questions as quickly as possible. If you require support with a larger project or have bespoke requirements in mind please email and we will do our best to support you.

What is the Litho Developer Hub, and how can I access it?

The Litho Developer Hub is our online community where you can download our SDK, read Litho documentation, troubleshoot and share creations.

The Litho Developer Hub is only accessible to Litho-owners. After purchasing a Litho you will be emailed an invitation to create account. Once you have an account you can access it here. If you can’t find your invitation email you can sign up manually here.

How do the IOT interactions with Litho work?

In this video the controller connects to your phone with bluetooth, and then connects to the Philips Hue API through Wifi. The phones camera is still being used to localise the user (either through ARKit or ARcore) and the Litho SDK is being used to estimate the position of the users hand relative to the phone. We hope to include example scenes of how to use Litho like this in the SDK over the coming months.

If I make an app with Litho how do I distribute it?

Please contact once you are ready to distribute your app made with Litho. We will do everything we can to support your app reaching as many people as possible. We are also looking to explore different developer partnership models going forward.

Does Litho work as a mouse?

A firmware update that will enable Litho to be used as an HID mouse on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android will be released at the end of November.


Delivery & Returns