Litho x ARKH Partnership – LITHO

Litho x ARKH Partnership


We are excited to announce that Litho and ARKH Inc have agreed to set-up a 50/50 joint venture: ARKH-Litho Holdings LLC. We have contributed select intellectual property to this new entity in order to enable the co-development of our shared vision for the future of AR hardware. In addition, we have sold to ARKH design IP for the Litho controller form factor, the manufacturing tooling and our existing inventory. We will no longer be selling the Litho controllers and ARKH will begin exclusively selling them under their own branding.

ARKH will develop and support the existing Unity SDK which will remain available to all owners of the Litho controller. Our developer hub will be redirected to the ARKH developer hub in the coming weeks.

The Litho team will continue to focus on the development of their groundbreaking AR filmmaking app, Diorama. We are passionate about getting intuitive, yet powerful, AR filmmaking tools into the hands of everyone. Exciting updates coming very soon. Stay tuned!